The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts is an organization composed of an association of family mediators, attorneys, forensic law investigators, therapists, counselors, pediatricians and other professionals who are dedicated to aggressively assisting parties who are involved in contentious custody cases, or families who have been harmed by the abuses of Family Court systems throughout the 50 States.

The Foundation is a national 501 c 3 not-for-profit organization registered in New York that firmly believes in the rule of law under the Constitution on behalf of individuals’ legal and civil rights, and which disapproves of, and seeks to directly confront, the abuses of Family Court systems, Social Service agencies and harmful Child Protective Services across the country.

The Foundation confidentially evaluates clients’ situations on a case-by-case basis, and will confront and seek to remediate violations of a parent or child’s civil rights at the hands of governmental entities, correcting current injurious actions taken by the Courts and others, if those actions have resulted in negative results or situations, improper legal decisions, legal errors or rights violations.

The Foundation has successfully fought for numerous caring parents and their children, engaging each situation in a fair and unbiased manner, wherein a child’s rights to be seen, heard, believed and protected have been compromised in any way.

The Foundation also acts as a service provider and referral pathway, assisting separating/divorcing couples who are navigating the legal channels of the divorce process through therapeutic mediation, therapy, non-litigation methods and congenial legal services.

The Foundation is a child-advocacy, family rights organization that recognizes the strong connection between child abuse and animal cruelty, and seeks to grow a more compassionate, humane society for all living things.

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Cyberbullying: How Cowards Are Attacking the Innocent

In 2014, a landmark case found a cyberbully guilty of dog theft – but she was only identified after she had mercilessly badgered the rightful owner of the stolen dog.

Shielded by the anonymity of the Internet, the person who stole the dog, named “Nahla,” tormented Nahla’s owner, Mary Wolfe, after stealing the dog.

While Mary tirelessly searched for her dog, she was inundated with frightening, threatening emails and messages by the very person who had taken her dog – but she was undeterred. In June of 2013, more than eight months after Nahla’s disappearance, Mary finally found her missing dog in the possession of a person named Chris Riley.

While Riley was ordered to pay a landmark settlement of $27,000, the cyberbullying aspect of this case itself is nothing new. Concealed behind a veil of secrecy, cyberbullies have assailed millions of innocent victims with intimidation; anonymous, unfounded complaints; and even threats of blackmail and extortion.

According to, cyberbullying entails bullying over electronic technology, including computers and cell phones and over social media platforms and public web pages. Cyberbullying can include rumors posted on social networking sites, harassing emails and texts, and embarrassing posts and videos made on public websites.

While cyberbullying is typically associated with teenagers, it is not limited to that age range; cyberbullying can occur across any demographic. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, a 2010 study found that 22% of students had been cyberbullied while in college. A 2013 report from the American Educational Research Association also found that bullying among college faculty and staff was a serious yet often overlooked issue.

The Foundation For the Child Victims of the Family Courts is a target for bullies, because we often fight for victims who have no voice. The cases that we take on are controversial – and those who oppose our victims are often bullies who won’t hesitate to take to the Internet to defame the victims or our Foundation.

Cyberbullies are typically repeat offenders who are emboldened by the anonymity of the Internet. They try to exert power over others by attempting to destroy the good name, lives, and careers of others. While this cyberbullying says far more about them than it does about their victims, these statements undermine the efforts of the people who are working to benefit those who are oppressed by the courts.

So why do adversaries of clients of the Foundation think that they can intimidate our staff with threats, veiled and otherwise? Because they don’t realize that their cowardly actions are traceable – and that we’ll file police complaints and notify court authorities.

Cyberbullies have been found before – just as Karl Hindle of “Rip Off Complaint” fame discovered. Hindle was successfully sued in Federal Court for his multiple attempts at identity fraud. And in 2014, a cyberbully whose actions led to a teenager’s suicide was arrested for his online transgressions.

The Foundation For the Child Victims of the Family Courts fights for innocent victims – and we’re proud of the work that we do. We’ll continue to work tirelessly for those who need our help the most – and we’ll continue to confront cyberbullies head-on.

Litigants Designated As Protective Parents Need Not Be “Perfect People”

Those involved in extremely high conflict divorce/custody litigation are as per the experience of the FCVFC people whom have their own challenging childhoods. As mental health experts with thousands of hours of training direct treatment and research experience we can say with certainty that there are few if any individuals who come through life without experiences of some significant trauma, grief, loss, abandonment, betrayal, tragedy that has not had significant impact. The ability to integrate and use the experience for personal growth, empathy, healthy social integration is critical to making good relationship choices that ensure a safe, stable future. Not everyone is so fortunate. Whether some individuals make choices that are not in their best interest or worse, may lead to their worst nightmares, may be the product of naiveté or denial or any other of numerous psychological pathways that lead to associations not in one’s best interest.

No individual in a custody conflict needs to be a “perfect parent”, whatever that is. In the expertise of the Foundation staff our criteria has to do with a person who demonstrates a capacity for love, stability, respect for the child as a person and a general absence of severe, crippling, pathology which would interfere with reality testing and social functioning.

In the experience of the Foundation staff it is our opinion that nothing equals the pathology of “Obsessed Abusers” whom have a secret to hide as well as the power and money to drive their insistence on having their own way to cover crimes and obscenely destructive behavior toward vulnerable subjects. The foundation staff refers to the clients we choose to represent and who retain us for fees charged, as “Protective Parents”; whether men or women, we find that the courts and their attendant power broker agencies are equal opportunity abusers who affiliate with resources of power and money to advance personal agendas.

“Obsessed Abusers” is a term we use to cover a class of litigants in custody cases that encompass domestic violence abusers, child abusers – whether sadistic corporal punishment abusers, sexual abusers, animal abusers, those obsessed with humiliating control and degradation. Those whom have dealt with these highly pathological characters know what we are describing because you whom have been engaged with these people know what we are describing. These individuals may use techniques such as Parental alienation – in this context is a term being used to describe a targeted subject who moved from the target of abuse to a position of preferential treatment because the subject moved from a position of dissent with the alienating parent to a position of agreement with the alienating parent. The relief from criticism and enduring pressure is experienced by the subject who was once the target of abuse…….

Other techniques for a campaign of character assassination includes the assignment of false psychiatric diagnoses buttressed by manipulated psychiatric hospitalization and the discrediting of character through the employment of false criminal charges manipulated by law officers/ alleged pay offs to law enforcement personnel.

Among our major complaints about judicial/court pronouncements leading to custody decision is the superficiality of the assessments, the self serving nature of all too many decisions that dispose of children and their protective parents to the detriment of all parties. A wrong decision not only impacts the immediate actors in the case, but all attendant relatives, friends, those whom will be effected by the child now decimated by a damaging decision by the court. There is also the object lesson disseminated by the power and authority of the court in the form of a chilling effect on those who seek to expose serious false information/ false accusations/libelous, defamatory statements hurled against those who defend protective parents with hard evidence, hard facts and documentation. Because of judicial discretion in family court litigation testimony can be suppressed, ignored, witnesses can be dismissed from court. Judges can simply speak louder than those attempting to advance the defense of clients. Lawyers who are loathe to challenge the clear preference of the court but in fact choose to back off of the defense of a litigant whom is perceived as the disfavored party heralds in a certainty of the loss of the protective parent’s case.

Court personnel tend to adhere to precedent however inaccurate. The durability of an assessment made by court personnel is legendary so that once a pronouncement as to the credibility or lack of credibility of a defendant or witness is made it is extremely difficult to overcome such a pronouncement. Cases of judges whom have finally been charged with heinous crimes against the public are documented in the USWHISTLEBLOWER.ORG. Cases of judges who were paid millions of dollars to refer children to juvenile correction centers for extremely minor infractions took years to come to light even after the suicide deaths of children. Court appointed evaluators known to their victims and the perpetrators who hire them are rarely outed because of the protections of judges who support their improprieties and who share the spoils. Such support is alleged because of the dissemination of funds that flow whether it be in the form of election campaign contributions or other forms of payoffs. Funds contributed to the campaign account of Georgia Supreme Court Judge Tontenetta Lane, by singer Usher, during his custody litigation most certainly gave the appearance of impropriety especially since Usher was complicit in the drowning death of one child and the near drowning death of another son. Judge Lane was complicit in the suicide death of Greg Eisenhower a resident of Georgia whose four children were transferred into the hands of their mother when all evidence pointed to the flawed reasoning of this decision. The Foundation has numerous accounts of highly questionable custody decision in which protective parents are clearly targeted for objectively perverse reasons – fortunately these cases do not belong to the Foundation’s clients.

Undermining Support For Victims Of Family Court Judiciary & Court Actors

The Foundation for the Child Victims of Family Courts is setting up a Word Press Blog to write about the perils of our work, essentially that anyone who complains against whistle blowers undercuts their own defense against all forms of bias, due process violations against litigants and all authorities who violate the rights of protective parents defending themselves against false complaints by obsessed abusers who have much to hide.

The Foundation’s work to expose Judicial malfeasance and fraud has freed hundreds of children from the incursions of perpetrators of physical and emotional abuse. Our policy of filing complaints against judges and all court minions who file false complaints, discredit the character and credibility of our clients is an attempt to bring to the attention of Judicial oversight, the all too often lawless nature of judges and other court minions who enjoy exemption from accountability.

Physicians, priests, attorneys, politicians are accountable to public scrutiny despite the highly pressured, burdensome nature of their work. There is no reason that judges should not be held to the same level of accountability.

This blog will discuss some of our noteworthy cases in detail. Of profound concern is that some of the most heinous crimes perpetrated against our clients are perpetrated by individual professionals who advertise their services and yet there is not a word published about their crimes. Professionals whom have undergone board action for the most serious, malevolent crimes against clients/patients are  not only never revealed but are in fact sealed to the public view.

The Foundation staff are able to pull back the veil of secrecy with deep background checks and exhaustive recovery. We only publish material about cases that are in some state of hiatus or completion, possibly pending the next phase of litigation for the pursuit of client’s rights. The Foundation works with client’s from the beginning of a complaint to the resolution of that complaint as to all phases of issues identified. Our work is not limited to custody transfer, but also encompasses redress of fraud and all forms of malfeasance on the part of perpetrators of crimes against our clients. Those efforts have resulted in the censoring of judges, removing judges from cases that we are defending, removing attorneys whom have committed criminal acts against our clients, censoring of mental health professionals whom have lied, cheated, filed false reports against our clients for purposes of currying favor with corrupt court actors whose affiliated cohorts conspire to deprive protective parents of their ability to defend themselves.

Whistle blower activists endure the same withering attacks, scurrilous defamation that cripples righteous litigants who defend against adversaries who employ the “connected” court favorites without respect to the rule of law such as it exists in family courts across the country. Family courts are notoriously ruled by judicial “discretion” which may trump fact and hard evidence, propelling  the litigation process into the  atmosphere of legal fees beyond the capacity of the majority of citizens to even begin to be able to afford. The idea that children are for sale to the highest bidder whether it be  due to whichever litigant can afford to litigate to a state of financial devastation or there is no end because a predetermined end exists.

Clients of the Foundation have to date had no complaints as to the services received. No solicitation of testimonials is ever sought by the Foundation staff as such exposure would place our clients in harms way, given the vicious nature of retaliation placed against those who fight for the rights of disenfranchised individuals, children and the factually wrongfully accused. Further, we do not use our clients as vehicles for advertising. The majority of our clients come from referrals from our clients whom have experienced our work first hand.